Forskolin Diet - activity

Forskolin (Coleonol) is a compound found in the nettle of Coleus Forskohlii. Already many years ago it was used by folk medicine in India in many diseases. However, recent studies shows that forskolin has not only a comprehensive, healthy effect on the whole human body, but also facilitates a difficult weight loss process. Coleonol causes an increase of lipolysis, which is the process of fat tissue decomposition. It also affects the improvement of thyroid function, which in large part translates into easier slimming.

Forskolin Dietcontains not only Coleus Forskohlii, but also other ingredients regulating the work of individual organs and facilitating the removal of extra kilograms. Green tea lowers triglycerides and cholesterol, and speeds up metabolism. White mulberry contain a huge amount of flavonoids, which prevents the body from over-aging. In addition, it reduces the absorption of simple sugars and the deposition of adipose tissue. Glucomannan fiber is natural and readily soluble in water. Like any fiber swells in the stomach and gives you a feeling of long-lasting satiety. In addition, this fiber, reduces the absorption of fat and protein, and in itself, is very low calorie.

Scientifically proven forskolin activity!

The doctors agree that forskolin has a significant effect on the processes of weight loss. Its action is based on the transformation of ATP into cAMP, which makes fat cells break faster. In addition, thanks to forskolin, fat cells are sent to the muscles and converted into needed for work energy.

Forskolin Diet - dosage

The best results of weight loss with Forskolin Diet will be achieved with regular use. The recommended dose is two capsules a day. Each pack of Forskolin Diet contains 60 capsules and is sufficient for a monthly treatment.

Forskolin Diet

Forskolin Diet

Forskolin DietA few months ago I couldn't look in the mirror! I was ashamed of my body and how it looks. Bulging belly, sagging arms... I couldn't motivate myself and maintain diet or exercise, and things looked worse. That's why I decided to try the Forskolin Diet. Its positive opinions are true! I lost 7 kilograms in 4 weeks!

Forskolin DietI wanted to improve my appearance a bit. I started my diet, joined the exercise and lost 3 kg. But then the weight stopped in place! I did what I could, but still I didn't see satisfactory results. One day a friend from a fitness class brought me a Forskolin Diet for the test. Already after 2 weeks of application I dropped another 3 kg!


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